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Saturday, July 21, 2012


my book is finally on the b&n website. =] I know that this book is simple. It's only available on e-book and it's just a book of short reads, but my goal with this whole book is to get my name out there, and well, it is awesome seeing that my name is searchable on Barnes&Nobel.  It is a feeling that I've always expected. It feels great.

I know it's a small step, but with any job, we have to work our way up. The journey is not over.

I have started on three more short story books. They all have the same idea. I am writing to a different person on all of them. The next in line is an older gentalman by the name of George David Melvin, so of course, the title is "To George D. Melvin"

after him, i also have a middle aged woman who is still unamed and a teenage boy who is still unamed.

Meanwhile, I plan on polishing Doubt, Temptations, and Toxins until it sparkles. I want to publish that book with a different publisher so it will be available on hard copies too. The only problem is, that'll take over 3000 bucks. So, we'll see.

Wish me luck,

With love,
Luke-Dakota Massey


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

it's been a long time.

Yes, I haven't said much in a while, so i've built up a lot. Here it goes.

Last time you saw me, I was done with love and decided to be single. Well, that didn't work out. A guy named Travis Evans texted me and wanted to "hang out" (that's gay talk for lets hook up for the night) well i said okay to this one night stand. We went to Chile's and hung out with all of his army buddies. it was awkward. I was too young to drink and too shy to talk, so it was a fail. But travis and I continued our date anyway. We went to the carnival where he was being super nice and won me an ugly stuffed pig. Then, we went to his house where his ex was still living.

Needless to say, we got drunk, there were fights, there was sex, but what was surprising was i never left his house. That was september tenth of 2011 and I'm still here with Travis. So, I guess I'm giving love another chance.

I lost myself when I first started dating travis. I quit school and work. I was a mess.

I have my life back together. and now i'm living more than I've ever lived before. Travis taught me that there is no reason to wait on life. you need to just go and get what you want out of it. So, I made a collection of literary work that i've written, I wrote a few more, and my first e-book is pending as i type.

It's not Poison (which I've renamed to Doubt, Temptations, and Toxins) I'm not ready to let go of that book yet, but it will get my name out there.

Well, that sums up the important points between there and here.

With much love,
Luke-Dakota Massey

Book Trailer

To Allison F. Frasier


Saturday, July 7, 2012


Here's a preview of "To Allison F. Frasier."


The Ones with Smiles

                The room is dark and the young boys are pushed into the corners by their own fear. They don’t know what is happening, why it’s happening, or what’s to come. Their fathers disappeared, their mothers were killed in front of their eyes, their sisters raped and burned, and their friends died from hunger and disease. The traumatized boys are all alone and they are scared. What evil will come to devour them?

            One of the boys accidentally moves the loose board covering up the lonely window and sunlight pours into the blackness. First tense, pre-mature muscles fill the room, and then curiosity takes over.

            Little eyes gather around the luminescence. This is when the drought of smiles ceases. The boys sprint out the door laughing and dancing. The heartfelt sun welcomes them out with hugs on their cold skin as their feet splash in the puddles of rain water left behind. Joy is their only emotion. They have completed their goal of survival.

            Survival was their only reason for living. They lost their family. They lost their innocents. They lost the clothes on their backs and the roofs over their heads, but they made it through the dimmest days. Nothing will ever be as bad as what they just overcame.

            Everything is going to be okay. It’s time to celebrate and enjoy what they are given: life. The young ones cuddle and tackle; they play and rejoice.

            Heartbeats can’t keep up with their bare feet running through the tall grass. Freedom comes to mind and they jump, try to fly up to the heavens and kiss their mothers, jump into their father’s arms, and embrace their sisters.

            The sun smiles while watching wounds heal and sicknesses fade. It flies westward across the sky then dives below the greenery.

            A lively fire is warming the sleeping children; the moonlight keeps them under protection. No one knows what will happen tomorrow, but everything will be okay.

They will find a way to rebuild their lives. They have air in their lungs and God in their hearts and that is all they need. They will be remembered as the ones with smiles who made it through the night. They will be the ones who say, “Bring on tomorrow.”

To Allison F. Frasier

yes, it's been a long time since I've posted in my blog. Well, long story short, my ebook, To Allison F. Frasier, will be available on september tenth to all ereaders. Here's the cover page.