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Monday, June 10, 2013

Leaves of Autumn Release


There are a few subjects that science should not meddle with too much: religion, time, cloning, and love, but the company, Harmonyschoice.com, has no desire to simply respect and accept nature, and because of their inability to just let some things be, human hearts and minds will forever be damaged.
Adriana Elizabeth Sanders and Wesley Neil White are two test subjects of this experiment of romances.

Adriana is looking for an extra pay check to pay off her medical bills, and Wesley just wants to build up his acting resume; neither party is looking for anything else when they decide to become test rats for Harmonyschoice.com.

Wesley is being paid to be an actor and become the complete opposite of Adriana, and Adriana is being paid to put her heart up for sacrifice in order for others to have a more accurately compatible match-up from Harmonyschoice.com.

Inevitably, Wesley and Adriana aren’t just thinking about the money; they have quickly fallen into a strong love, but what happens when the truth is revealed and a year of lies sits out on the table between them?

Was their time together just like autumn; beautiful and breath-taking but only leading to the death of winter?

This is a love story as beautiful and as ominous as the Leaves of Autumn with an ending that will certainly pull your heart-strings and leave you broken down in tears.

100% of the author's percentage of royalties obtained from this publication will be donated to the Good Samaritan Society. With that said, any content of this publication is not an opinion or view of the Good Samaritan Society.