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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Leaves of Autumn

Coming in June is a story of love as a toy and the people it so strongly affects.

Adriana is looking for an extra pay check to pay off her medical bills, and Wesley just wants to build up his acting resume; neither subject is looking for anything else when they decide to become test rats for Harmonyschoice.com

                Wesley is being paid to be an actor and become the complete opposite of Adriana, and Adriana is being paid to put her heart up for sacrifice in order for others to have a more accurately compatible match-up from Harmonyschoice.com

                Eventually, Wesley and Adriana aren’t just thinking about the money; they have quickly fallen into a strong love, but what happens when the truth is revealed and a year of lies sits out on the table between them?

Was their time together just like autumn; beautiful and breath-taking but only leading to the death of winter?

In June of 2013 comes a love story as beautiful and as ominous as the Leaves of Autumn with an ending that will certainly pull your heart strings and leave you broken down in tears.
The Book's cover will more than likely change, but this will give you all an idea of what Leaves of Autumn is all about. I will post the next cover when i get it sent to me, but for now, this is the cover:

Here is an exerpt from the book:

Wesley’s eyes search the room and notice a brunet who’s admiring a statue of an angel from back in the days of kingdoms. He makes his move. “She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” Wesley touches the statue’s arm.
            “Heavenly.” The brunet jokingly agrees, “I’ve never been too fond of old-fashioned things, but something about her catches my eye.”
            Wesley meets the woman’s eyes. “Eye catching.”
            The woman seems to have lost her breath, and Wesley laughs to himself inside. This is why acting gives him joy; provoking emotions with emotionless lies is an innocently sinful rush. “My name’s Wesley, and yours is…”
            “April.” She accepts the hand-shake and a relationship is ignited. Little does she know, it is a relationship with every intent to expire by the end of the night, but it has her hooked with hopes of more.
            They talk and flirt with each other for a while, and he leaves her to “get them some drinks,” but like the pig he pretends to be, he never returns.
            Wesley moves from April, to Friil, and then to Victoria. With each new victim he gets closer and closer to crossing the line, but he always leaves them waiting for more. He dances around the room like an angel of heartbreak and he loves every minute of it.
            Then, he sees her: Miss. Adriana Elizabeth Sanders, and a new kind of game begins.

Leaves of Autumn (preview)

Official Release Date:     June 10, 2013

Read a Preview Here:


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