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Friday, June 17, 2011

Fire, Fire, Fire

Ireland was a great experience, and it was good to have a vacation, but I was looking forward to being home. I was losing my mind being without the comfort of my home and routines... and I was full of stress about things that I haven't been doing. I'm not a good vacationer.

Well, fire came into my world and started taking even more time away. All day yesterday I was at the airport in Chicago because my next flight was already 5 hrs after my landing, and then delay after delay. Thursday was wasted as it ran into the next day.

We left the cats here alone for two weeks... the house became destroyed. We cleaned it up, unpacked quickly. Then, I got a new job, destruction of a little extra free time, but it was money which would add up to more time to write in the long run. Things were looking pretty good and I was getting everything back to normal. Then, fire. Literally.

Fire came into the neighborhood and we had to evacuate. We packed up what we just unpacked and we went to the local Target to find out what to do next. While this was going on I managed to break the washer and my dad scrapped his truck. Also, we had to bring the cats with us, so my car is now full of fur due to the kitties' stress of being in the car. And of course, this all happened when I was supposed to be getting ready for my first day of my new job. Well, turns out they had the fire under control and we went back and had to unpack and clean again.

I don't know when peace will be restored, but it needs to happen soon. I need to get back on track with writing. I need to finish Poison for once and for all, I need to perfect my short story, and I need to organize my thoughts so that I can work on new literature.

Somebody, please help put the fire out.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

another project to add to the list

I am so excited about this new novel I am working on. I am still working with Poison and my short story, Patient: Michael K. Peters, but this new novel I am working on is also on my list of things to work on.
I am taking this story a lot slower than most things I write. It has been two days and I’ve only written 4 paragraphs. This is a new process of writing that I am trying out. I already wrote a timeline and I’m still working on characterization, themes, and all that good stuff. But as for writing, I write a paragraph and then I read it over and fix things as I read until I read the paragraph 3 times by itself and 3 times with the paragraph before it and don’t stop to make a single change.
I think this is helping me become a better writer. I don’t think that there is a perfect process to writing, but I like and want to try writing in new ways. It exercises different parts of my writing skills.
That is about all I want to say about my novel. I am too proud of what I have accomplished that I cannot risk letting the story fall into another’s hands so I can’t really give anything away. But I can say that this novel ties into Poison. I want all of my novels to be placed into the world I am creating inside of my mind. The stories don’t even tie other then the fact that they happen in the same universe. This is how real life is, and I want that aspect to be a part of my writings.
Well, wish me luck.
Love ya’ll,
Luke-Dakota Massey