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Thursday, July 4, 2013

It's not easy

I've learned the hard way that it's not easy going the self-published route. Sure, you get your books out there quicker, but competition is thicker, and you have to work 1000x harder.

Once self-published, you become more than "writer" you are now writer, publisher, cover designer, marketer, editor, artist, trailer creator, manager, and more.

submitting your book to publisher after publisher and being rejected over and over again, VS. struggling to excel. My though is this: us writers have a choice to make when we first start our adventure, almost like playing the "Game of Life" we can wait for someone to believe in us and hire us, or we can believe in ourselves so much that we sacrifice ourselves for the cause.

both choices have their ups and downs.

You can get around the hardships of having to do EVERYTHING when going the self-published route, but that costs money, not much if you do a little research, but I haven't spent a dime after the 300 for my first book, so that's another option, but reality is, i'm not a jack of all trades; I need to start hiring people to do what I can't... or learn how to do what I can't.

I guess we will always have options, but whatever road you take, I hope you make every step count.


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