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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Links and an Update

It's completed, my facebook page has changed. i will put a link to my new one at the end of this post.

Next order of business, Leaves of Autumn is scheduled to release in June of 2013, this year, so i am excited about that. It's my first Novel to be published.

I will tell more in another post =] so be on the look-out.

I am now a member of Bookblogs.com, and i will be sharing that link as well. I find it a lot more convienent, so i post on that site more often, but i will still continue to post on here periodically and keep you updated on the big events.

Well, I must get back to writing, as always,

With much love,
Luke-Dakota Massey

Here are the Links:

Facebook Page - Luke-Dakota Massey

BookBlogs - Blog

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